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Last month’s film FINDING VIVIAN MAIER was given a 3.8 StarBox rating by the 68 members who attended. I also wrote to you mentioning that anyone who was unable to see that film can borrow it from our newly started library. Just contact us by email or phone.

This month’s film on the 27th May is ABOUT ELLY and it is an Iranian film directed by Asghar Farhadi who also directed THE SEPARATION.

The film ABOUT ELLY features a group of middle-class friends who travel from Tehran to spend the weekend at the seaside. Sepideh invites Elly, who is her daughter’s teacher, to travel with the three families in order to introduce her to their recently divorced friend Ahmad, now living in Germany. The hidden agenda here is that Sepideh is matchmaking Elly with Ahmad.

The next morning, the two women go shopping in the town and Elly says that she has to return to Tehran because her mother has been recently submitted to hospital for heart surgery, but Sepideh asks her to stay and hides her luggage.

This film explores a harmonious group and how the members of the group react to a major disaster.

An apparently simple story line that is really quite deep as it evolves, revealing a complexity of relationships within the group. Although it appears divorced from religion and politics one should remember that Iran has very harsh punishment for adultery, even if there was none committed, one wouldn’t want to be accused of this act.

The subtitles appear to be very fast for the first 10 minutes of the film, so don’t give up, because they do settle down to a good pace after that.

This month’s raffle is a Jamie Oliver cookbook (donated by a member), and a bottle of wine.

Please don’t forget if you are going away, share your ticket with a friend, in this way those that cannot become members at present, can take the opportunity to take your place at our film night.

We will have nibbles and tea or coffee from 7.20 pm and again entrance is limited to current members and those who have been lent a membership card by a non-attending member.