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Well last month’s film was the first time where we have used our StarBox to gauge members’ views of the film just shown. Human Capital was given an average of 3.9 out of 5, by those who voted. We had 68 people view the film but only 59 voted, so please try to do that before you leave as it gives us an idea about how you found it. The results are sent to ReelNews, a publication by the Federation Victorian Film Societies, as it has a section where clubs can see how other clubs have voted for a film. It is especially important if you did not like the film as the numbers will show more favourably if the people who did not like the film refrain from voting.

We are very excited to announce that our email and Website are up and running. The email is and the website is

At the moment on our website we have only the first three movies on line, but hopefully in the next few weeks you will be able to look up our program up until November. If you go to the website you can look up the program and view the trailers for the films. You can also go on line and have a conversation with other members about films. We are extremely grateful to Prodos of, who has worked on building the website for free! He has been so helpful, efficient and friendly to work with, we want to say a big Thank You to him.

Our raffle for May is a piece of jewellery, a donation by a movie club member Angela Luke  and her daughter Sarah Graham, from ‘head2toe925’ jewellery. A beautiful present for yourself or a gift for someone special. Thank you Angela and Sarah.

Please don’t forget if you are going away, share your ticket with a friend, in this way those that cannot become members at present, can take the opportunity to take your place at our film night.

The next film will be held on the 29th April 2015 and begins at 8.00pm. Again, entrance is by membership ticket only. Please note there are five Wednesdays in April and the Movie Club is always on the last Wednesday of the month.

The film for April is Finding Vivian Maier it is an intriguing documentary which takes place in New York, Chicago and France. Vivian Maier, a career nanny, was a self – taught photographer with a passion for catching the essence of the world around her, without ever having developed 100,000 photographs.

John Maloof, one of the directors, is a film maker, photographer and historian. He stumbled upon a box of negatives at an auction where he was looking for photos for another project. Once he realized the importance of his find, he contacted the other buyers to obtain the rest of the negatives. We see Vivian’s story through a painstaking investigation by Maloof interviewing people who knew her and families she had worked for.  Through these interviews we are confronted with differing views of Vivian that will remain a mystery to be talked about, long after the film ends.

An observation is that she may be the originator of the “selfie” with many photos of herself captured in unusual reflections, whereby we are in no way unsure of how she looked….just who she really is.

Although an interesting documentary of Vivian Maier’s life, it is not just a remarkable story, it is an absorbing, fascinating, compelling story of obsession.

We will have nibbles and tea or coffee from 7.20pm and again entrance is limited to current members and those who have been lent a membership card by a non-attending member.